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Award Programs

2015 Surrey Civic Treasure award recipients

City-led award programs recognize leaders and outstanding achievements in our community.

2017 City Awards Logo

City Awards Program

Learn about the City Awards Program and submit a nomination.

Citizen of the Year 2017

Good Citizen Award

Learn about the Surrey annual Good Citizen Award, given to a person who's given outstanding service to our community.

SASSY Awards

Celebrate youth aged 16 to 21 who are making a difference in our community, demonstrating service above self.

Surrey's 2017 Civic Treasures (L-R) Jim Trimble, Robert Gary Parkes, Heidi Greco

Surrey Civic Treasure Award

Find out about Surrey's Civic Treasure Award program

Poet Laureate

Surrey Poet Laureate

Meet Surrey's inaugural Poet Laureate, who earned her role as part of the 2015 Surrey Poet Laureate project.