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Surrey Biofuel Facility

exterior of the biofuel facility

The Surrey Biofuel Facility, located at 9752 192 Street in Surrey, BC is a state-of-the-art processing system for Surrey's organic waste.

Built as part of the City’s Rethink Waste Program, this organic waste biofuel processing facility helps Surrey in its goal of creating a fully integrated model for organic waste management. This model maximizes the diversion of source-separated organic waste from the landfill.

The biofuel facility processes the City’s organic waste into a 100% renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG is then used to:

  • fuel the City's natural gas powered waste collection vehicles and growing fleet of natural gas powered service vehicles,
  • provide a renewable fuel source for the City's district energy system, and
  • produce a quality compost product for use in agricultural and landscaping.

The Surrey Biofuel Facility is on City-owned property in Port Kells, next to the Surrey Transfer Station, and can process about 115,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. The majority of this waste comes from Surrey's residential curbside collection program. Commercial organic waste is also processed at this facility. Processing commercial organic waste helps support the Metro Vancouver Food Scraps Recycling Program.

Education Centre

The facility’s Educational Centre is available for anyone interested in learning more about organic waste management. The centre features a meeting space, viewing window and outdoor interpretive garden to educate groups of all sizes on how the City processes organic waste.

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